2 Samuel 7:3 Daily Bible Verse

Nathan is introduced in 2 Sam 7:2 as a prophet who is instrumental in David’s reign. God uses him to confront the king, uphold righteousness, and to make His word known. Nathan is portrayed as a faithful prophet and does not take part in attempts to usurp Davidic or Solomonic rule. He surfaces in three primary accounts: the Davidic covenant (ch. 7); the rebuke of David for his sin with Bathsheba (ch. 12); and Solomon’s coronation (1 Kgs 1). In each instance he proves faithful to Yahweh’s standards and will. (Taken from Faithlife Study Bible)

Our heart is deceitful (Jeremiah 17:9), so we must confirm what we feel the Lord is telling us through His written word, the Bible. When we confirm that our heart is not deceiving us (Isaiah 44:20 ; Mark 7:22), then we can have one-hundred percent confidence that the Lord is directing our path (Proverbs 16:9). Jesus told us to work until He comes back (Luke 19:13), so do what He has given you talent to do and what He has placed in your heart.

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